Custom Planning Fee


Custom Planning Fee


We pride ourself on conducting meticulous research that yields to a custom itinerary built around your interests and that is full of detailed suggestions on everything from hotels and restaurants to local tour guides, markets, specialty shopping and how to get from point A to B. I am committed to providing you personalized attention and the best service possible. Not only are we members of NACTA (National Association of Career Travel Agents), we are internationally accredited through IATA. So, trust that you are in the care of globally recognized expert travel professionals. 

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Leave the planning up to us. We’ll coordinate every aspect of your travel experience.  

  • We research ideal components for customized proposal

  • We’re responsible for booking your entire trip

  • You trust that your vacation planning is in capable hands

Our planning fee is $200 and includes our support and guidance before, during and after you travel. 

What's Included:

  • Individualized consultation to discuss your travel needs and ideas 

  • Personalized research to create a custom travel itinerary just for you

  • Booking of all components of your trip

  • Delivery of travel documents plus have your entire travel itinerary available in an easily accessible digital app

  • 24/7 trip support. We’re here to ensure that your trip goes exactly as planned, from anticipating your needs before your departure to making any necessary changes during your travels, to going over every detail of your trip afterwards. 

  • You'll receive the value of our extensive knowledge, travel planning expertise, professional consultation and advocacy throughout the entire booking process

This investment includes the value of our certified travel advisors knowledge, travel planning expertise, professional consultation and advocacy throughout the entire booking process. It also features additional services such as 24/7 trip support. We take the stress out of planning by saving you time from spending hours on the internet searching for the "best" option. This gives you back more time to focus on enjoying your vacation.