3 Ways You Can Wrap Up Women’s History Month

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By now we’ve all seen the various posts, articles, and stories detailing the amazing history of women. When we think about the month (March) as a whole, it gives us all the feels knowing the power of women. As we round out the month, let’s consider a few ways to bring attention to female history and empowerment all year long.

1. It’s easy to have an observance then quickly forget about it. It might be time to consider how YOU can continue to make women’s history a year long celebration.

The next time you see a post or article about a woman doing awesome things share share share!

It takes two seconds right?

Or how about looking into female trailblazers? Is travel life? How did female flight attendants help cultivate the airline industry? How does this help your travel experience today?

Visit an exhibit about a women pioneer who made things happen.

Whatever you do, it doesn’t take a ton of energy to make sure the history of women aren’t forgotten. The rich history of women needs to stay relevant because women are life!!!

2. Make Women’s History Personal

Spend the next few months fact finding about the women in your family and inner circle. I’m sure you’ll discover a few dope stories you never even realized happen. Learning more about the women who came before you can help keep tradition going.

Ask a loved one to tell you more about where they grew up or their favorite event from the past.

Spending time listening to these stories will probably help bring you closer and spark a little joy.

3. Create Your Own History

You’re awesome and you know it. It’s time to create your own history! What’s that one thing you’ve been wanting to do? Is there a past goal that needs to be revisited? Is there a female friend or loved one that could use a hand? It’s time to put in work and create a rich history of your own!

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Don’t let women’s history recognition end in March. Keep it going and never let it stop!

Blog Post Author: Tanise Love. Tanise is a non profit professional and owner of From Love & Co., a party supplies company. She's a lover of laughter, community, health and empowerment. Tanise enjoys hosting gatherings with friends, traveling and trying new foods. Catch Tanise on instagram @taniselove or @fromloveandco.