It's our anniversary!

In December of 2016, I took one of the biggest risks of my life and launched a full service boutique travel consulting company.

One year later, it's clear that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Moonglade Travel continues to expand, servicing clients all over the world, and our footprint in Charlotte is exponentially greater in every aspect.
There have been some challenging times; we're in a competitive industry and you have so many choices. There have been months when I wasn't sure we would persevere - financially, physically, or mentally! Owning a business - as you may know - is one of the most stressful, yet rewarding, things that one can endeavor.
But each day, I'm right back at it, motivated to help clients see parts of the world that they've never seen before. This year I've planned customized travel experiences to incredible destinations all across the globe. Some of those destinations included Bermuda, Saint Catalina Island, Cancun, London, Amsterdam, Dominican Republic and Jamaica to name a few. As I consider myself a lifelong learner, I continuously seek opportunities to increase my knowledge on popular destinations and travel trends. Back in September, I became an O'ahu Master Specialist, completing an extensive in-Island, hands-on training in order to provide you with the highest level of expertist and service.  
I'm truly thankful to you for your continued support. I can say with pride that I will provide you with prompt, professional and personalized service that you deserve. 
I'm looking forward to another productive year of growth and taking ordinary people to extraordinary places. 
Cheers to travel!